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The Team


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The FireStars Aerobatic Team was formed by Mark Hensman (South Africa) in 2012 to perform airshows in China. Mark is MD of AcroSolutions and a well known figure in competition aerobatics and the international airshow circuit. The Team also displays under the name of Team Xtreme Airshows.

The Display

A uniquely choreographed display of close formation and high-energy cross overs, synchronized aerobatics and freestyle. The Team displays in China from June to November.


The German manufactured XtremeAir XA42 'Sbach' was selected as the Team's aircraft. The XA42 is a full composite, 2 seat unlimited aerobatic aircraft. The first two aircraft arrived in China in September 2013. The second two aircraft arrived in March 2014.


Red Bull China were the official sponsors of the FireStars Aerobatic Team from 2012 to 2016 while operating in China.
Note: Red Bull China have no links with Red Bull International, other than a shared logo which originated in Thailand from the Krating Daeng energy drink.

The Team is currently available for sponsorship in China, and for displays outside of China

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